Striving to get into ideal shape is no joke.

Many people try and fail in this area, some have been struggling for years. Most fail, few succeed.

If you are one of those poor victims think back how dedicated, strong and empowered you were in the beginning? How you really wanted to fit into those jeans you bought previously.

But now all of a sudden you find them too tight, all those years of falling into bad habits on eating the wrong food has taken its toll.

And now you have gained whole load of pounds you didn’t need onto your ever expanding waistline.

Up to a point where you end up looking like you are carrying an extra tyre around the waist with your new set of extra large clothing.

What a nightmare!!!

No matter how hard you try you cannot slip back into your previous size clothes. The feeling is horrible, you want to drop down a cliff head first without a parachute with a guarantee to crash and brake every part of you body.

Where did all go wrong, where did it begin to crumble?

You don’t deserve this!!!

Men were not designed to roam around this world with extra tyre inside them. Yet thousands of us do.

Maybe in your previous diets you were doing great in the beginning.

You probably even got somewhere significant.

But in the end, those tasty fat and sugar cravings are always in the back of your mind.

Deep in the layers of thought, little by little, bit by bit it’s always knocking, chipping away at the walls. It’s always there to haunt you continuously.

Until you come to a point you can’t handle it no more and finally succumb to their evil desires.   You give in to their becking call by binging and going back to your old ways.

Please note in one of the segments of the 3X course Tim addresses this important issue, where he reveals how one can ‘turn’ cravings OFF like a light switch.

He goes in detail why this happens backed up with a scientific case study and then gives the exact steps to take control of those evil food craving desires.

Getting into shape should not be a temporary phase, it is a serious decision! It needs to be a life changing process where you never go ‘back to blubber’.

If you have tried and failed many times I want you to know I applaud you for your tenacity.

Getting off the mark and trying to make a difference for change is a big step but the battle is far from complete.

Instead of getting down on the dumps or feeling dismayed, I want you to know there is a way to get to the next level, you can achieve the finishing line.

I know this because hundreds of men who have followed the 3X program have successfully reached their goals.

The program is successful because it addresses the heart of the issue of why people have failed previously.

You may be wondering – What is the missing component, what makes 3X program different,

Well as you know there are no ‘Magic Steps’ to getting fit and healthy instantly. The real truth is that change is never an easy process.

If you listed out all the components needed to achieve your goals you probably have some of the following.

Education on health.
Only eating organic food.
Good Support Group – Friends and family.
Exercise – Cardio vs Weight bearing, one or the other or both combined.
Cutting down on all intake on foods.
Supplements – Vitamins, minerals, protein snacks, meal replacements shakes.
Personal Trainer.
Counting Calories.
Only eating greens.
Diet such as Actkins, low carb diet, low GMI index diet, etc, etc.

The list can be endless, I’m sure you came up with some of your own to add to the list. Maybe you have done some or all of the above steps.

But quite honestly – ‘None’ of the above will work without ONE essential component!!!

It doesn’t matter:

How badly you want it and dream about it.
How much knowledge you have on good foods vs bad foods.
How much time and effort you are willing to put in.
How much money you spend.
How dedicated and are emotionally attached you are achieving to your ideal shape.
It does not matter the amount of food you eat, small amount or a lot.
How often exercise – Cardio or Weight lifting or both.

If this ‘one’ component is missing than you are most likely will never have a lasting effect and eventually will head ‘Doomed to Failure’ with no break pedals to stop the process.

Have you guessed what it is yet???

No, it’s NOT what you ‘Eat’ or ‘Exercise, its not cutting food or counting calories.

The missing component is ‘Preparation’, it is about being prepared for all outcomes.

This is the driving force to your success, only if this is done right.

The definition to this wonderful word is:

‘The activity or process of making something ready or of becoming ready for something’. It comes from the Latin word ‘to make ready’.

It is imperative that you make preparations for the tasks ahead needed to lose weight.

If you reflect back to your previous attempts you would see ‘Preparation’ for all outcomes is the one area that was the weakest link and needs the most attention.

Not many people addressed this topic enough. Correct implementation on preparation is the ‘linchpin’ of you getting into the best shape of your life…

The issue with ‘preparation’ is that it needs a lot more detail.

Tim spends hours addressing this topic, getting us to make preparation on 3X Weight Loss is a life changing plan, not a temporary phase. He does this by breaking the word down into several manageable tasks that are easy to follow.

The 3X Weight Loss preparation would include:

1:  Task List – Detailed document to record information on your daily intake for breakfast lunch and dinner.
2:  Profile Set Up – Setting you initial profile and continue to record your progress along the way every bi-weekly and monthly.
3:  Taking Measurements – Information on obtaining the right measuring tools and clear guidelines on what’s the best way to take measurements.
4:  Cooking tools – Getting the most time effective, healthy and easy to use cooking utensils you need in the kitchen.
5:  Food Implementation guide – A detailed guideline on what foods to get and what to avoid. It also includes healthy snacks to take in between times to tame the hunger pangs at bay.
6:  How to find places nearest to you that sell food most beneficial to you health, how to check the best food for you are eating out in restaurants and diners.
7:  Which supplements you can take to greatly enhance you chances of getting results faster. You also get information on which type supplements to avoid.
8:  Personal check list – Points tracking list to keep you aware of where you are and how many points you need to maintain on a daily basis.
9:  Perfect Day – Specific guide regarding the best times to eat, drink and sleep from sunrise to sunset.
10: Initial Food check list – How to remove bad foods from your house, how to read food ingredients in a product, what to look out for.
11: 3X website – Site navigation on how to effectively use the 3X web site.
12: Self Discipline – How to obtain this skill, this alone is worth the price of 3X product. This material could also be used on other areas of your life such as your finances and  time.

By taking the ‘3X Weight Loss’ programme you would have learnt the following:

What to eat and drink and what to avoid, this would include good Fats, bad Fats, Protein, Amino Acids, Cholesterol, Abdomen health, Hydration and much more.

Which foods are best to eat at specific times during the day.

Information on hundreds of tasty and healthy cooking recipes which are quick and easy to make.

How to best choose the right food when shopping or eating out.
How to eat when on a busy schedule.
What to do in an emergency when hunger pangs show up.
How to check the water intake throughout the day.
Tap water safety check information guideline.
When is the best time to sleep to make sure you are well rested and to have maximum energy throughout the day.

Please note these are just some of the preparation steps, the programme consists of a lot more.

The 3X Weight Loss is a complete guide on getting into the ideal shape and maintaining this forever.

It is a program dedicated to help men from all walks of life from all shapes and sizes.

It consists of easy steps to follow and has processes in place to keep in check from falling by the way side.

The program teaches you how to be in complete comfort and be safely protected from food and drink cold be harmful to the body, while getting into the best shape of your life.

How to control hunger pangs that may come in to spoil the day.

No more having to giving in to cravings winning every time.

Follow a provable system worked on for several hundreds of men before you.

The programme is guaranteed to get you results within 30 days or you will receive a prompt and courteous refund or credit no questions asked.

All Orders Placed Through Secure Server.

All information strictly confidential.
Never shared with anyone at anytime.


Ali Khan

PS: Once again this is guaranteed to get you results within 30 days or you will receive refund Immediately.

PPS: The only you have to lose with this programme is extra pounds you have been dreaming to get rid of.