I want to tell you a story about twin brothers: Tim and Terry. They also had a younger sister named Joan.

Only a few people could tell them apart, they had the same taste in cars, in food in clothes and hairstyle. They even dated other twins at one point because they had the same taste in girls.

However one day the two brother had a falling out, it was pretty bad. They could have resolved the situation in a few hours but they were both too pig headed to do that.

This time of this dispute turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and months turned into years.

What’s interesting is in between this time, their father died inexpertly and leaves behind her will which he requests his shoe company should be divided equally between his three children.

Joan has no interesting in running the business. Therefore she decides to sell her share to the twins and move to Kanas.

The brothers who are still in the middle of the rivalry decide to split the business. By this time they both decided to part ways, never to be in each other’s radar.

Therefore on day 1, Tim and Terry both have the same product but with different names. Same number of employees, assets and overheads. They are both in equal playing fields in terms of their business size.

Five years goes by, the mother of the three siblings gets Cancer all of a sudden and dies in a matter of months.

All the family, friends and loved ones attend. Everyone apart from the twins. Joan is also at the wedding gets worried they won’t show up. But just like synchronised watches they both drive almost at the same time but from different destinations.

Terry arrives in a respectable Mercedes-Benz S-Class, driven by most business owners in the area. Tim on the other hand drives in with a Lamborghini Veneno, one of the most expensive cars in the world, there was only three in world of this make. All the crowd attending the event had their eyes fixated and memorizes at the elegance of the car that just had parked outside the house.

It is important to understand they both did not come into the funeral to boast their successes. They were not of that type. These both cars reflected the twin’s lifestyle.

So the question arises, what happened to the twins in the last five years, how it was that one twin was moderately successful with his business but the other had his business sky rocket to new heights.

The answer is simple. It was all to do with their marketing plan.

Now the answer needs to be expanded to elaborate better, so goes…

Going back fives on day one, Terry hired a marketing agency from Madison Ave to handle all his division. Whereas Tim hired Joan’s new husband James a Business Marketing Consultant.

Terry got the advertising agency to use the same ads as before the split and placed them active. The agency had no problem in complying to Terry’s requests just as long as they were getting paid, they would do what he told them.

Tim’s consultant James had a different approach, he told Terry they had to start from scratch. Everything was up for testing. No stone would be left untouched. He would do this reviewing each of their marketing ads and depending on vehicle (offline or online) being used he would critique them.

Terry got frustrated with the results from one agency and move to another. He would splash out a little more hoping for a different result.

The marketing strategy James devised for Tim’s business worked and helped to grow in size. Seeing this first hand Tim decided to also increase his marketing budget to further explode his business to a new level.

But there was a different between the two:

Terry would splash a lot of money on all media outlets and would see which worked, this helped his business somewhat he didn’t really have enough tests in place to diagnose all of his marketing campaigns.

James helped Tim in creating the marketing structure in place, and by making all the tests beforehand in a smaller budget, they had a much better design marketing design that could be rolled out in a big way.

With the help of James, Tim’s business grew exponentially year by year. James continued to work with Tim to continually review his marketing division and made changes to fit the market’s criteria. In a nutshell this is the reason why Tim’s business outgrew Terry’s in a big way.

The above story about the Twins is fictitious, but events of this kind with business happen all the time. Marketing is the lifeblood of all business. Without sufficient sales coming in from this department results a company in crises.

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To You Success

Ali Khan

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