20 reasons Why use short form videos

1. Reach more people quickly with a shorter video.
2. Increase engagement with your audience.
3. Increase brand recognition.
4. Capture attention quickly.
5. Make complex topics easier to understand.
6. Easily shareable on social media.
7. Cost effective.
8. Easier to produce than long-form videos.
9. Easy to optimize for search engine optimization.
10. Easily embeddable in websites.
11. Provide quick and digestible information.
12. Provide an opportunity to test content.
13. Generate more leads.
14. Create an emotional connection with viewers.
15. Encourage viewers to take action.
16. Create a sense of urgency.
17. Easier to monitor and measure analytics.
18. Increase website traffic.
19. More likely to be shared and go viral.
20. More likely to be watched to completion.