What is Google Ads Call Ads

Google Ads Call Ads are a type of Google Ads campaign that allows businesses to advertise their phone numbers in search engine results. When someone searches for the business, the phone number is displayed in the search engine results, along with a link to call the business directly. Ads are targeted to people who are searching for a business and a specific service or product that the business offers.

What are the benefits of Google Ads Call Ads

Google Ads Call Ads can help businesses increase their visibility by displaying their contact information directly in the search engine results. This can help businesses increase their customer base, as potential customers will be able to contact the business directly. Additionally, businesses can track the performance of their campaigns and find out how many calls have been made as a result of their ads. This can help businesses optimize their campaigns and focus on the most effective strategies.

Is there a good cost per conversion with Google Ads Call Ads?

Yes, Google Ads Call Ads can offer a good cost per conversion. The cost per conversion for a Google Ads Call Ads campaign will depend on the cost per click (CPC) you select, the number of clicks your ad receives, and the number of calls the ad generates. Generally, businesses can expect to pay an average CPC of around $3 – $10, depending on their industry and the keywords they are targeting.