Judgement Day Clinic Copy


This module covers copywriting in detail. How to write a headline with a hook. How to write your opening paragraph. How to get your copy read by the people who receive it. How to get every sentence read in your copy, right through to the PS, including your bullets and guarantees. We will also teach how to critique your copy. Then we will show you how to apply Direct Response marketing techniques to apply online or offline.



Judgement Day Clinic Copy – Two Day Business Advertising Course. 

This module will give you the skill of how to write effective copy for your products. This consists of learning to write the right type content to be successful in the market. It is imperative this step is covered before you release any product for promotion. It’s main objective is to attract the right type of audience by persuading them to respond.

Copy Clinic Part 1.1

This covers the introduction of the course. Then Trevor goes right into detail what is advertising and marketing. What kind of words you can use to sell. What is the importance of benefit statement. Why you should always have a benefit driven business card.

Copy Clinic Part 1.2

What is broadcast fax, why you should do them and what are its benefits. Know the laws of faxing and think of faxing internationally. What is the process of testing. A quick introduction on headline. What should be in the headline. Different examples of effective headlines. Understanding the maths behind the promotion.

Copy Clinic Part 2.1

Know the 12 rules of writing compelling headlines. Understand what is everyone’s favourite radio station. What is beat your control and how it improves your headline. How to find the perfect headline by identifying the problem and agitation then direct the solution within the product. What is the right length of a headline.

Copy Clinic Part 2.2

How to write powerful headlines. What is the exact process. Understand the styles fonts and formats. How cam one letter with the word ‘Put’ automatically create a benefit headline. Type of headline that works for men, how to replace one word on the same headline will pull women instead.

Copy Clinic Part 2.3

How to put personal touch on the copy goes a long way to create a wow factor. Understand the different levels of benefits. How to write evaluation checklist of benefits. What is lead generation and how can you apply your winner headlines on the lead generation system.

Copy Clinic Part 3.1

Special Pete Godfery talks about outrageous advertising – how to turn your headline into an eye popping hook. A hook is a special headline that is going to your prospect’s attention and pull them into your letter. This is because headline is the most part of the sales letter. The second most important part of the letter is the offer. But without a good headline an offer will never be shown to them.

Copy Clinic Part 3.2

Pete continues with his segment and talks about finding out about prospects fears, frustrations, needs and passion on copy. We have to our research to get this information beforehand. Pete also goes into detail how the late Gary Halbert used to get winner headlines.

Copy Clinic Part 4.1

Trevor talks about the effects guarantees in copy. He goes into detail about three elements needed to get a killer guarantee. Trevor also addresses the importance PS in the letter. In what instances should you reveal the price of product. Would it be in the beginning or the end of the piece.

Copy Clinic Part 4.2

This segment talks about the use of color in copy. Which is the best color to use. And which colors to avoid? Where should the logo be included on the copy. Does the size of ad matter. What are it’s conditions? Know your costs as a copywriter.

Copy Clinic Part 5.1

This segment talks about the cost and profits of obtaining a life time value client. How important are testimonials and how you should get them? How should a good testimonial be constructed. What the traps of burning your list of potential customers. Going back to the importance of offers.

Copy Clinic Part 5.2

This covers how to critique your copy. Sometimes its important to hire other copywriters to critique your content to get an outside viewpoint. What font should be used on headline, sub-headlines and content.

Copy Clinic Part 5.3

What is the perfect size on font used on copy. How to price test your product. Why you should always use 7 and avoid using 9 on price list. How to use your pitch on the sales letter to make it look like its valuable in the copy.