Secrets of Successful Lead Generation


This ebook contains 14 articles on the topic of lead generation from offline and online perspective. It does not hold back on it’s information. It is designed to give you the cold hard facts about lead generation. What are its benefits and drawbacks. Some of the articles are: 31 Simple ways To Make Your Ads Generate More Inquires. 50 Lead -Generating Tips. Increase Your Flow of Sales Leads with a ‘Bait Piece’ and many more.



In this book, you will discover:

  • 50 proven techniques to help you generate more sales leads from your next marketing campaign. Page 16.
  • How to write a Yellow Pages ad that makes your phone ring off the hook.
  • 4 steps to selecting a response-boosting premium. Page 9.
  • Estimating direct mail response rates. Are yours in line with the norm? Page 47.
  • 31 ways to make your ads generate more inquiries. Page 6.
  • The awesome power of the “takeaway close.” Discover how to increase the prospect’s desire for your product by telling him he can’t have it! Page 44.
  • 10 tips for filling your trade show booths with qualified prospects. Page 23.
  • Forget the “golden rule.” the “silver rule” of marketing works even better! Page 3.
  • 5 battle-tested methods for getting Web site visitors to give you their names and e-mail addresses – and opt into your permission-based e-list. Page 51.
  • How to do a PR campaign that gets you not just publicity but hundreds, even thousands, of ready-to-buy sales leads! Page 41.
  • Increase your lead-generating promotion’s selling power with the 5-step motivating sequence. Page 12.
  • And more.