Million Dollar Brainstorm


“A Million-Dollar Business Idea Already Lays Hidden In Your Mind – This Course Shows You How to Uncover It, Research It, Refine It and Profit From It…”

Think about some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and the companies they’ve built. I’m talking companies like…

eBay. DropBox. Pinterest. Facebook. Apple. Starbucks. Dell Computers. Zynga. Amazon. Whole Foods. Google.

You know what all these companies have in common? Their founders brainstormed a simple idea and turned it into a wildly profitable business. Many of these companies even started with humble beginnings, in garages or living rooms or dorm rooms.




And you know what? Those are just the huge companies that run up profits in the tens of millions if not billions. Those are the guys you hear about on the news every day. But for every ultra-profitable company that catches the headlines, there are dozens of smaller companies whose owners turned a simple idea into a million-dollar business.

And here’s the best part…

You Too Can Become a Member of the Exclusive Seven-Figure Business Club…

It all starts right here with this course, which shows you how to uncover, research, and develop your own million-dollar business idea. No experience, special skills or business background required!

A lot of aspiring entrepreneurs think that successful businesses are run by people who’re somehow special. Like these successful business owners are geniuses, or rich, or lucky, or can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Guess what?

They’re not special. These people are just like you and me. These folks are ordinary, everyday people who weren’t afraid to go for their dreams. Ordinary people who brainstormed ideas in their living rooms and turned these simple ideas into seven-figure businesses.
The reason we know these people aren’t special is because we – the instructors for this course — are part of this million-dollar business club. We didn’t have any special qualifications when we started out. We didn’t have advanced educational degrees. We weren’t rich before we started our businesses. We didn’t have special connections. We didn’t have magical powers. We didn’t even have luck.

All we had were ideas that we brainstormed in our living rooms. And we turned these ideas into a million dollar business.

The good news is that you can do it too, and this course will show you how.

It’s not magic. It’s not luck. Instead, it’s all about knowing how to brainstorm ideas, vet these ideas to find out if they’re million dollar ideas, and turning these ideas into profitable businesses. And these strategies are so effective and so powerful that you’ll wish you’d known about them years ago!

It doesn’t matter if you’re coming to this course without a clue as to where to start, or if you’re already brimming with ideas. That’s because…

Over the next 90 minutes you’ll find out how to turn a spark of an idea into a million dollar business…

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside this exciting, life-changing course…

• Got a whole bunch of business ideas? You’ll find out which idea (or ideas) you should pursue for maximum fun and profits.

• Don’t have any ideas at all? Not a problem, because you’ll find out how to brainstorm a million-dollar idea from scratch… even if you don’t think you’re good at coming up with good ideas – you’ll surprise yourself!

• You’ll find out how to tell the difference between a simple idea versus a real business opportunity that can change the state of your bank account (and the world)!

• You’ll discover 7 surefire ways to find out what your market likes to buy – and whether they’ll buy into your idea, too. (This makes the difference between you being rich and going bankrupt!)

• Find out whether you have prospects who’ll happily give you their money… or tight-fisted scrooges who cling to their money like a drowning man to a life raft.

• A simple formula that shows you exactly how much money your idea is worth – it could be worth way more than a million dollars!

• You’ll discover a surprisingly quick and dirty way to find out if people will really buy your product or service – without you spending a single dime or single minute creating the product.

• You’ll find out how to build a list of eager prospects so that you have a waiting audience the day you launch your business. (You’ll bank money the day you launch!)

• You’ll discover strategies for getting an insider’s look into your market – you’ll even find out how to tap other companies for their coveted market data!

• You’ll get a crash course in how to set yourself apart from the competition using branding. (These are POWERFUL growth secrets.)

• You’ll get tips and tricks for getting your product to market quickly so that you can turn your million-dollar potential into real money in the bank!

• You’ll find out which stale “old school” business strategies to dump – and which new strategies you should be embracing instead!

• You’ll discover the secret ingredient that makes the difference between a successful startup and one that flops miserably.

• You’ll get a full set of tools to make sure you stay on the right track as you refine and implement your business idea.

Point is, once you finish this in-depth and entertaining video series…
You’ll Have the Knowledge and Confidence to Create and Pursue Your Million-Dollar Business Ideas!
And that’s not all. Enroll today and you’ll get instant access to extensive supplemental materials. This course manual includes:
• The Million-Dollar Business Brainstorm transcripts. You can use these transcripts to reinforce what you’ve learned, to follow along with the video training, or even to print off to study the content any time you want.

• The Million-Dollar Business Brainstorm tools. These tools include planning sheets and checklists that move you from the lectures to action to results. You could have a million-dollar business idea in just 48 short hours from now.

Together, the video training and accompanying manual will have you…

Turning One Solid Idea and One Intense Weekend Into One Million Dollars!

Your quest for greatness, financial security for you and your family, and even a legacy can all begin with a single idea that you brainstorm in your living room. And it all starts right here, right now, with this course.

So let’s get started – click on the “Take the Course” button at the top of this page to register now. Then get ready for your mind to explode as you learn how to brainstorm, research and refine your one-million dollar business idea!