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If you can understand the thought patten of your audience you will never lose.
It has long been believed people buy because of ‘need’. This is not the case. People buy because of ‘want’. I’m sure you have come across this yourself while purchasing items. For instance everyone will come up with a logical reason why they got that expensive phone or car.

Although logic is an important component, it is not what makes people part ways with their hard earned cash. The truth behind this is not because of logic. This has never been the underlying reason.
There is only one other a much stronger reason – Emotion!
People buy on emotion and justify with logic

This simple component is the driving factor that will make or break your sales. There are five emotional factors you need to consider. These control buying behavior, these are Love, Pride, Fear, Guilt and Greed.
The more of these you can cover with your selling strategies the better it is for your bottom line. You should try to use ALL of these on your promotions. The exceptional sales person weaves these emotional factors while presenting to prospects.