Ruthless Marketing


Become a dominant competitor in your market and start getting all of the money that could and be yours. The eleven secrets in the book are ‘secrets’ because most of your competitors don’t know about them. As you’ll see, each of these secrets is easy to understand and simple to use. There’s nothing complicated about any of this. But don’t let this simplicity fool you. Even though these secrets are simple to understand and easy to use, each one really does have the awesome power to make you huge sums of money.




This book will help you with the following:

  1. Increase the number of new customer who are attracted to you business,
  2. Increase the frequency of repeat business these people do with you.
  3. Increase the average profit of each repeat transactions with your ever growing base of customers.

Learn the eleven marketing secrets revealed in this book can be applied to all three of these business-buliding areas. Do this any you will see dramatic improvements right away… Then within 90 days or so – take home profits can be double or triple what you are now!

Please study this book carefully and prove to yourself that it is true. Just spend some time doing this every day and let these very simple, but powerful secrets help you lift your business to sky high.