Meet The Brothers
This is a true story. Listen closely to what happened. And how it can affect you personally.

It starts with identical twin brothers Tim and Terry. They once owned a successful shoe company. One day they had a huge falling out. In the end, they decided to split the business and part ways.

Now this is where it gets interesting.

Identical Brothers, Different Lifestyle

The Brothers were never seen in the same place until after five years. They were both driving into the same party. Terry drove in a cool classic, high-end, prestigious, premium Mercedes-Benz. Generally driven by all respected company owners in the vicinity.

Whereas Tim drove in a razor sharp looking, head turning, jaw dropping bright yellow magnificent Lamborghini. The key question to ask here is:

What happened to them in the last five years?

 They both started with exactly the same business. How did Tim become more successful than Terry?

The answer is ‘Marketing’

Identical Business Different Marketing

Terry hired a marketing agency to handle all his marketing division.

Tim hired a Business Marketing Consultant. Terry’s agency ran the same ads they had used before. Tim’s consultant advised him to start over from beginning.

The agency did not do any testing on their ads. Instead they would continue to spend Terry’s hard earned cash, month after month.

Tim’s consultant was very careful with the money spent. He would review and critique every ad before it went live. Firstly he would test on a small budget and slowly increase the budget if the results were positive. This process continued to happen year after year.

The End Result

Terry did get sales from the ads. But the agency was unable to give Terry the full breakdown on:

How they obtained those results?
How they could improve the campaigns?

Tim continued to make tests on ALL aspects of their marketing strategy. They focused on effective testing and designed a ‘Marketing System’ that worked. Now here comes the important question:

Which brother are you?

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To You Success

Ali Khan

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