Companies are not the only organisations that launch marketing campaigns. Governments also release their fair share. None of them have been so big and elaborate than the marketing scam to start the Iraq war.

Straight after when the World Trade Centre buildings were brought down, the words: ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction within Iraq’ was uttered by politicians and the mass media in the US and UK. They kept repeating these words again and again until the general public got programmed to believe Iraq had chemical and biological weapons.

It’s been sixteen years since the west invaded Iraq; the country has been decimated and completely destroyed to pieces. The western countries are still unable to find any WMDs. Not even one.

This leads us to the following conclusions:

  1. The weapons are still hidden inside Iraq.
  2. The weapons were destroyed before the invasion.
  3. There were no WMDs to begin with.

The first point is unlikely because the US has searched the entire country with a fine tooth comb.

The second point is also unlikely since there would have been some evidence for the destruction. Plus it is also extremely difficult to eliminate chemical weapons.

This leads us to the third point. This is the most likely answer. But with this outcome rises so many other questions, such as:

Where did this statement come from?
Why did the governments use this lie?
What is the point of war with Iraq?

There is only one answer – A lot of money!

If you do not believe me than you can let the facts speak for themselves:

  • Defense contract companies would receive $200 million a month for arming the war for sixteen years.
  • The top 10 contractors securing business worth at least $72bn between them.
  • Defense Company Halliburton received $39.5 billion, this was once run by Dick Cheney, vice –president to George Bush.
  • Two Kuwaiti companies – Agility Logistics and the state-owned Kuwait Petroleum Corporation secured contracts worth $7.2bn and $6.3bn respectively.
  • US got clear access on all existing oil reserves in Iraq generating hundreds of millions.

The Iraq war was a cash cow for many companies heavily involved with the conflict.

The corrupt system is simple to follow. Companies that stand to make a lot of money with war bribe politicians to stand out and make the argument for war. Once the war has started the same companies reap back the money and a lot more from the defence contracts.

This is the only reason for the Iraq war.

The marketing sector is a strong arm for the Government, it is very important to them. Without this they would not have been able to go to war with Iraq.

In the last decade billions in taxpayer money spent on services and projects that did little, sometimes nothing to further the military mission.

Approximately 500,000 Iraqis had died as a result of the conflict since the invasion. 112,000-123,000 of those killed being civilian noncombatants. Was it worth it?

The answer from those entire defense companies ‘Hell Yeah it was worth it’.

To them this cash cow was a resounding success.

To the general public, absolutely not. This was a humanitarian disaster in epic proportions. This was a war that should have not started. It was based on a lie.

Together we must stand up to ensure our Government does not succeed to winning the marketing scam seen like this again.

To Your Success

Ali Khan