Last week the CIA confirmed Russia tried to affect the outcome to the US elections. They hacked into American servers and took measures to make certain measures to make sure Donald Trump would win the Presidency.

At first this sounds a little crazy. I got to admit when I first heard this story I was amazed and confused.

Why would the President of Russia ‘Vladimir Putin’ do this?

How were they able to pull this off?

As I began to look into this a little deeper to get some clarity, it didn’t take long to get the answer.

But first lets have some fun…

When Donald Trump was asked about this, he sniggered at the question and strongly dismissed it. Claiming this was a left wing conspiracy theory. He didn’t even bother to ask for any evidence or how the CIA came to this conclusion.

Well, there are two problems with Donald’s answer:

1. The CIA do not have a Democratic or Republic party agenda.
2. They would have to provide sufficient evidence to support their claim. This is not something they would make up.

It is true the CIA have been naughty in the past. They did make up some stories in the past and provide false evidence to support their narrative. However on this occasion it is unlikely, simply because there is nothing to gain from this claim.
CIAI was very curious why Donald Trump was adamantly denying Russia’s involvement on their behalf. This seems very out of character for a new President Elect.

Let’s ask the questions that Donald Trump should have asked the CIA.

Question: What did the Russians do?

The CIA have concluded the Russians the following three tasks:

– Hacked into the Democratic Party’s computers, copied all their content and leaked all their email to Wiki-leaks.
– Hacked into the Republican Party’s computers, but decided not to anything with their data.
– Russia hacked into the main voting booths on the important states to make sure Hilary Clinton votes would get changed to Donald Trump votes.

It’s unknown why Russia hacked into the Republican computers but did not release any data from here. It is speculated Russia will use this as blackmail in the future. If I was Donald Trump I would be a little nervous about this.

The last point is a serious breach and should be investigated a lot more. No one outside of the people who are verifying and counting the votes should have access to these computers.

It is important to note Russia did not use its employers to do this. Instead they used middlemen, this is so they have plausible deniability.

Question: Why would the Russians do this?

Answer: Trump has been very open stating:
1. He has no problem with Russia invading Ukraine and taking over Crimea.
2. He did not mind Russia’s involvement with Syrian President Asaad with the indiscriminate bombing in Appello as well as other areas in Syria which has left many civilians dead.

Both of these actions have deemed as war crimes by the UN Security Council. Yet Trump has no problem with them. Putin is a right wing authoritarian leader. He has done a lot to crush democracy in his country. He likes Donald Trump because the president elect is also right wing.

Although these points are valid, none of these are the deal clincher. The reason for Russia’s involvement on US voting is the following…

As of writing this article Donald Trump is busy building his new team for the White House. Just last week he hired Rex Tillerson for the job of Secretary of State. Rex has no government of diplomatic experience.

He doesn’t even have a n educational degree to his name.

Therefore what would be the reason to give such an important job to Tillerson?

This is where it gets interesting…
Tillerson has been giving millions of dollars lobbing to the Republican candidates for years. Yes this is legalized bribery at its core. This is because Tillerson was a once a CEO of the giant oil company Exxon Mobile. He’s had dealings with foreign governments since Exxon Mobile operates in more than 50 countries.

NBC news confirmed Tillerson has ties with Russia.

This is all very interesting but we don’t know the core reason to the hack. Until you we get the revelation about the their deal with Russia.

There you have it. Obama sanctioned Russia because it invaded Ukrane and stopped the deal with Exxon Mobile. Tillerson is specifically hired to lift these sanctions for the half a trillion-dollar deal to occur.

This is corruption 101 taking place. The real winner is Exxon Mobile. Putin and Trump are merely pawns on the scandal. They are getting paid millions for this deal to go through.

This is another example of politicians being bought by corporations to do their bidding. We are no longer living in democracy, it is the big companies.

The only solution is to get money off politics.

To You Success

Ali Khan

Ali Khan