Let me ask you a question.
If you was presented with the following which would you choose.
A deed ownership to a mountain of gold. Not the tallest mountain but definitely not the shortest by a long shot.
Or rights to an Information product.
Which one would you choose?…
Most people would pick the mountain and make a run for it before the deal was gone.
Contrary to popular belief I would not pick the mountain. He wouldn’t even stop to think between the two options.
Hands down I would pick the information product every time, without hesitation.
There are many reasons why this would happen, the number one would be because an information product with a good marketing ad will ‘never’ stop making you money. In many instances it will last generations.
For you there has never been a greater time for you to create an information product.
Because research & market forecast from Forbes is estimating online education to be at $325 Billion by 2025. This is double from 2015.
This is associated to online books, audio or video clips. 
The actual number is likely to be much higher because they did not take the pandemic situation into consideration with tens of millions of people in lockdown with nothing to do but go on Netflix or read.
This is the time to be successful with your informational product. You cannot let this opportunity pass you by. 
Take the time to think about what would you want to create:
Maybe your a mum of 4 children, therefore have extensive knowledge how to look after them.
Maybe you suffered from addition and was able to get through it. 
Or you have a passion for fly fishing. 
Make your own mountain of gold your info product.

To You Success

Ali Khan