I’d like to tell you a story of a business that became a success overnight by accident. For months it was struggling to stay afloat then suddenly it became overwhelmed with lots of new clients.

Listen closely, it could have an effect on your business.

At a small town in Ohio lived a music teacher named Henry. He had been working at the local high school for several years. His students enjoyed his class because he had a natural flair in educating them.

One day Henry decided to quit his job and progress to a next chapter in his life. He decided to create his own music teaching business. After researching the right location Henry finally found a studio to teach lessons to his new students.

Now this is where it gets interesting.

At this point Henry decides to run an ad at the local newspaper to get new clients. On the ad he places the following headline.

‘Put Music In Your Life’

The ad pulls just enough response to breakeven. Poor old Henry is like a Deer stuck staring at the headlights. His business is just about surviving because of this ad. he gets is too scared to change anything in case the ad response drops to zero. This would be a disaster to his business.

Two months go by, Henry consistently gets the same result week after week. Until one day Henry gets an unexpected outcome. He receives three times more response than usual. It gets so busy on the timetable he’s having to push appointment times to several weeks ahead.

This is a great surprise to Henry, but he has no idea how or why this happened.

He decides to investigate by asking the new clients how they heard about him. They all responded with the same answer. It was the ad in the newspaper.

This totally confuses Henry, he had not requested any changes to the ad. The ad gave the same response for months. So how the ad suddenly work like crazy?

He decides to review the ad on a recent newspaper. It reads with the following headline.

‘Puts Music In Your Life’

Do you see the difference?

Re-read it again if at first glance you have missed it. If you review each letter you will find the answer. In the first word it’s the letter ‘s’ within the word ‘Put’. This tiny difference pulled response three times more than any time before. Again you might be asking how and why did this happen?

The ‘how’ is easy to explain. It was a typo error made by the publisher. They added the ‘s’ by mistake.

To find out the answer ‘why’, let’s put the headlines together line by line;

‘Put Music In Your Life’

‘Puts Music In Your Life’

When you re-read each line you will find each headline is different in its meaning.

The first headline gives the indication there is effort involved to add music into their life. The second headline implies no effort, it almost seems like a natural adjustment with ease.
This is the reason why the second headline made a tremendous impact on Henry’s business.

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