If your a business owner or considering to become one. Than it’s important for you to read this article. Please make the effort to carve out some time immediately. Find a quite place to read this page in its entirety. Deciding to skip any part of this could cost you a substantial amount of money.

Business Strategy
Lack of funds means less flow of money. Less spend will effect businesses. This will give ripple effect for unemployment to rise very quickly.

If you are a business owner, you will have to make drastic changes to shield yourself from this downturn.
This could mean a complete overhaul on the marketing and sales department.

However please do not despair. By the time you complete this article you will be left with powerful information that would help you to put you ahead of the game. Lets delve into this straight away:

Lead Generation Advertising
This is one of the best methods to get hot qualified prospects to contact you. To generate a prospect list is to give them an incentive to reach out to you. This could entail:

• Free Gift.
• Promoting a Free Report that would prove useful to the client.
• Product at special offer.
• Two or more products for sale a reduced price.

The Mightiest Weapon
One of the most powerful arsenal a sales person case yield to conversion is Proof. The overwhelming quality and quantity of proof is needed. There are different types of proofs:

• Facts and Figures.
• Physical demonstrations.
• Pictures and Photos.
• Client Testimonials.
• References and Guarantees.

The best type of proof is testimonials. When a prospect doesn’t know you than a third party reference about your organisation is powerful enough to sway the prospect to convert. The best place to generate these would be contact your previous client’s and ask them to write a sentence or two about their experience with you and the product.

To Your Success

Ali Khan