What is Clickbait thumbnails?

Clickbait thumbnails are images used in online advertising or other online content that are designed to attract attention and entice people to click on a link. These images are often provocative or sensational in nature, and they are used to generate traffic and engagement.

Which clickbait many money?

Clickbait that makes money often involves providing a false promise or sensationalizing content. They may use headlines or images that are designed to be provocative or that make outrageous claims. They may also feature sensationalized stories or provide exclusive content to entice people to click on the link.

10 examples of good clickbait thumbnails

1. A close-up of someone’s face with a surprised expression
2. A picture of something unusual or unexpected
3. A picture of two people interacting in an interesting way
4. A picture of someone looking directly at the camera
5. A picture of a person in an unusual situation
6. A picture of something that looks too good to be true
7. A picture of a dramatic scene or event
8. A picture of a person or thing that is difficult to find
9. A picture of something rare or exclusive
10. A picture of a person or thing that appears to have a special power or ability